John Miles Foley, Founding Editor

Ukrainian Folklore Audio


Ukrainian Folklore Audio is a website that relies on crowdsourcing and allows the public to hear songs, stories, and beliefs recorded in Ukraine and among the Ukrainian diaspora of Kazakhstan. Crowdsourcing of field recordings engages the public transcribing and translating audio files. Crowdsourcing also benefits the researcher by allowing observation of public reaction to heritage texts that bear intense emotional significance. Thus, crowdsourcing allows observation of real responses and provides information about heritage.


Our original searchable audio website.

An example of a search through “Wedding” subtopics.


An example of the background information to a sound file


The opening page of the Ukrainian Folklore Audio project.


An example of a page showing already processed files and files available for processing.


An example of “published” transcriptions and translations.


An example of the page that a registered visitor sees.


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