“Fellow Townsmen and My Noble Constituents!”: Representations of Oratory on Early Commercial Recordings


Supplementary Sound Files

Lincoln’s Speech at Gettysburg, Leonard G. Spencer

Leonard G. Spencer. "Lincoln’s Speech at Gettysburg," Victor 16106-A (formerly issued as single-faced Victor 2113), take not shown. Probably recorded Oct. 26, 1906.

Address by the Late President McKinley at the Pan American Exposition, Harry Spencer

[Harry Spencer]. "Address by the Late President McKinley at the Pan American Exposition," Columbia disc A278 (formerly issued as single-faced Columbia disc 833), mx. 833-10. Recorded c. 1904.

American Quartet. "A Meeting of the Lime Kiln Club," Lambert Indestructible Cylinder 590. Recorded c. 1902.

McGuire’s Fourth-of-July Celebration, Steve Porter

Steve Porter. "McGuire’s Fourth-of-July Celebration," Columbia disc A585, mx. 3909-2. Recorded c. 1907.

Congressman Filkin’s Homecoming, Byron G. Harlan

Byron G. Harlan. "Congressman Filkin’s Homecoming," United [=Columbia] disc A1036, mx. 19236-[3?]. Recorded Feb. 10, 1911.

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