Sabine Dedenbach-Salazar Sáenz

Sabine Dedenbach-Salazar Sáenz is Senior Lecturer in Latin American and Amerindian Studies at the University of Stirling (Great Britain). Her research focuses on the Andes, combining ethnohistory, cultural anthropology, and ethnolinguistics. Recent projects include the direction of the documentation of the endangered Bolivian Chipaya language and the Christianization of the Andean peoples in the colonial Quechua language. Her publications include Die Stimmen von Huarochirí (The Voices of Huarochirí) (2003) and Fuentes etnohistóricas de Latinoamérica entre crítica de fuentes y deconstrucción: Contribuciones metodológicas (editor, 2006).

Articles by Sabine Dedenbach-Salazar Sáenz

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