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Jean-Charles Khalifa

Jean-Charles Khalifa is Associate Professor of English and Linguistics at Université de Poitiers and an amateur singer and guitarist. His main fields of interest and research are syntax and the syntax-semantics interface, translation and translation theory, and folksongs. He is the author of Syntaxe de l’anglais - Théories et Pratique de l’énoncé complexe (2004), and co-author of La version anglaise aux concours (1998) and L’épreuve de grammaire à l’agrégation d’anglais. He is also co-editor of Etudes sur les verbes de Perception en anglais. In addition to a number of articles on syntax and semantics in French academic journals, especially Sigma-Anglophonia, he has written a good hundred entries for What’s What - Dictionnaire Culturel anglo-saxon (2004), including “Dylan,” “Baez,” and “the Blues.”

Articles by Jean-Charles Khalifa

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