How to Use the Oral Tradition Site

If you are a new reader of our journal Oral Tradition, we suggest that you start with volume 18, issue 1 and issue 2, which provide a broad, state-of-the-art perspective on the multidisciplinary field of studies in oral tradition.

As the Editor's Column to 18, i indicates, these two issues consist of 82 responses by an international group of specialists to the following two questions: (1) What is oral tradition, with specific reference to your special field? and (2) What are the most interesting new directions in oral tradition studies in your area?

Brief answers to these questions come from performance studies, Hispanic, Japanese, African, Biblical studies, Scandinavian, Celtic, ancient Greek, Tibetan, Chinese, Korean, Lithuanian, English, ballad studies, comparative studies, and other areas.

With this cross-disciplinary context in mind, you can then move on to the rest of the journal's contents, which consist of special collections on various areas (for example, African, Arabic, Hispanic, and Native American) and our more customary miscellaneous issues, each of which contains articles on many different areas.

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