Hispanic Balladry

Oral Tradition Volume 2, Number 2-3May 1987

Table of Contents

Editor's Column
The Artisan Poetry of the Romancero
by Diego Catalán
Survival of the Traditional Romancero: Field Work
by Ana Valenciano
Migratory Shepherds and Ballad Diffusion
by Antonio Sánchez Romeralo
In Defense of Romancero Geography
by Suzanne H. Petersen
Hunting for Rare Romances in the Canary Islands
by Maximiano Trapero
Collecting Portuguese Ballads
by Manuel da Costa Fontes
The Living Ballad in Brazil: Two Performances
by Judith Seeger
The Traditional Romancero in Mexico: Panorama
by Mercedes Díaz Roig
The Judeo-Spanish Ballad Tradition
by Samuel G. Armistead , Joseph H. Silverman
The Structure and Changing Functions of Ballad Traditions
by Beatriz Mariscal de Rhett
by Ruth House Webber
About the Authors

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