Basque Special Issue

Oral Tradition Volume 22, Number 2October 2007

Table of Contents

Editor's Column
by John Miles Foley, Mark Jarvis
Ecompanion_small Basque Oral Poetry Championship
by John Miles Foley
A Sociological Study of Sung, Extempore Verse-Making
by Alfredo Retortillo, Xabier Aierdi
Ecompanion_small Social Features Of Bertsolaritza
by Jon Sarasua
Ecompanion_small Basque Oral Ecology
by Joxerra Garzia
Ecompanion_small Verse Schools
by Ainhoa Agirreazaldegi, Arkaitz Goikoetxea
Ecompanion_small In the School Curriculum
by Joxerra Garzia
Ecompanion_small History of Improvised Bertsolaritza: A Proposal
by Joxerra Garzia
Ecompanion_small The Process of Creating Improvised Bertsos
by Andoni Egaña
Toward True Diversity in Frame of Reference
by Joxerra Garzia
Interview with Joxe Agirre Esnal
by Laxaro Azkune
Interview with Andoni Egaña Makazaga
by Josu Goikoetxea
Interview with Maialen Lujanbio
by Estitxu Eizagirre
About the Authors

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